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Wasatch Tool & Die

Owners: Juergen K. Mueller & Douglas N. Carpenter

Wasatch Tool & Die was founded in a single car garage by Juergen Mueller in 1973. It has expanded 5 times and is nowWasatch Tool & Die 3 located on two acres of land with a facility totaling 30,000 square feet of shop and office space.

The Wasatch vision is to create machined products you would purchase yourself. In order to accomplish this task they have hired excellent, dedicated employees who take exceptional pride in their work. Wasatch feels that without these hard working employees their business could not survive.

Wasatch Tool And Die 1Nort Carpenter, Operations Manager, says the skills and knowledge of the Wasatch team can only be acquired by experience and self-pride. This has made Wasatch a valuable resource in Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities. They, as a team,  maintain the highest of standards for workmanship while providing services timely and efficiently.

Wasatch has over 100 years of combined knowledge in the machining and welding fields. That combination of knowledge and experience has built them a reputation for having the highest standards in their industry. They work with a variety of industries worldwide including Mining, Minerals, Food Distribution, Production Based Companies, Packaging, Material Handling Suppliers, Engineering, etc.

The company’s standards were set by Mr. Mueller, the owner and establisher of Wasatch Tool and Die and is why the business continues to thrive. They live by the motto "A Good Product When You Need It.”

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Wasatch Tool & Die Info

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