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Wallboard Specialties, Inc.

Owners: Jon Middleton, President and Michael Middleton, Vice President

In 1978, Wallboard Specialties was organized by Craig Middleton as a sole proprietorship, with two employees, to serve the residential drywall market along the Wasatch Front. A few years later the company expanded its market to include small commercial projects, adding metal stud framing and acoustical ceilings to its services. By the early 1990’s they focused their efforts on the small to medium construction market becoming one of Utah's premier subcontractors. After fifteen years of having their business operations in West Jordan, the business relocated to a new facility in West Valley City.

Wallboard Specialties 1Mr. Middleton worked in the drywall installation and finishing trades while he was a student at the University of Utah.  He enjoyed the construction industry and saw potential for a personally rewarding career.  With little capital and a lot of optimism, he set up an office in an unfinished basement and with a garage for tools and materials, his business was launched.

When asked what has made Wallboard Specialties stand apart from his competitors Mr. Middleton stated, “Persistence, determination, good customer relations, and careful, conservative financial management. We have a perfect record of completing every job we have ever accepted and honoring every contract we have signed.”  The company has a very good safety record and well trained employees. They consider each customer vital to their success and strive to maintain favorable relations by honoring schedule requirements and high quality standards.Wallboard Specialties 2

Wallboard Specialties pride themselves on quality workmanship, timely production schedules, fair pricing and warm, mutually beneficial relationships in their industry. The company expects their suppliers to offer competitive pricing and service; likewise the suppliers know they can count on Wallboard Specialties to pay timely creating partners in success.

The company serves the Utah market with the majority of their work being located along the Wasatch Front, Eastern Utah, and Park City but they have also completed several projects in Nevada, California, Hawaii, Wyoming and Idaho. During the last decade, the company has successfully completed over two thousand commercial, industrial, and institutional building projects - including new construction, remodel and retrofit.

Wallboard Specialties 3Wallboard Specialties provides top quality service, offering employment opportunities to tradesmen, office staff, supervision, and management personnel. They are affiliated with the American Subcontractors’ Association (ASA).

The company takes pride in participating in community projects that serve the needy and disadvantaged.  One service included contributing materials along with labor to the original Homeless Shelter in Salt Lake City.  They believe in supporting the fundraising efforts of many local schools, clubs, and youth organizations.

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(801) 280-1111

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