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Unlimited Auto Sales

Owner: Kelly M. Stewart

Established in 1986, Unlimited Auto Sales is a family owned and operated, local business.  Kelly Stewart started theUnlimited Auto Sales 2 dealership buying his first few 4x4 pickups the day his oldest son, Kimball, was born.  Kelly has always had a passion for custom pickup trucks and knew he could carve out a niche in the industry to provide a product that others would like as well. Styles and fads have come and gone but Unlimited Auto Sales has always strived to offer quality custom trucks at the most competitive prices.

Today, Unlimited Auto continues to offer unique pickup trucks with custom upgrades. The majority of the vehicles come with new lift kits, new 35 inch mud terrain tires and 18 or 20 inch wheels.  The Business’s ability to customize its product makes them stand apart from the competition and contributes its continued success by constantly keeping clean, fresh inventory with custom upgrades, competitive prices, and high inventory turnover.  Over the years they have found that its trucks appeal to a wide range of consumers, both old and young, local and nationwide.

Unlimited Auto Sales 1Being a Salt Lake business, Unlimited Auto has built a strong relationship with the community and relies considerably on the repeat and referral business from its satisfied customers.  As the business grew, a new building was constructed in 2012 which allows Unlimited Auto to offer vehicle servicing, keep aftermarket customization in house, and provide a seamless experience for its clients.  The dealership maintains an average of 75 trucks in inventory and sees most of this inventory turnover on a monthly basis.  Financing and warranties are offered and trade-ins of any kind are accepted.

Rather than taking a large markup on the aftermarket accessories Unlimited Auto passes these savings on to the customer. Customers enjoy the ability to buy the truck they want, the way they want it, without having to spend more money after leaving the dealership.  The sales team offers an easy, hassle free, low pressure buying experience.  Kelly stated, “We strive to purchase inventory from all over the country as well as internationally to make sure we provide the best product at the lowest price. Our customers are constantly commenting on how easy, fast and low pressure the process was.”

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