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Schoppe Company, Inc.

Owners: Chad Bunting

Success for over 100 years!

The Schoppe Company was founded in 1878 by a German immigrant whose Old World craftsmanship enriched the field of architectural metalwork during his lifetime. After his death, E.L. Butterfield, a metal artisan who started with the company at age 16, purchased the business.

Schoppe Company 1During the 1940's and 1950's, The Schoppe Company manufactured replicas of medieval armor and weapons for one of America's largest costume houses, who rented them to the movie industry. During the same period, the company established itself in the heating, air conditioning and ventilation field which eventually became its major business source. The Schoppe Company continues to enjoy a prestigious reputation in the highly technical field of interior environmental control.

In 1954, E.S. "Ed" Bunting purchased the business from the aging Mr. Butterfield with the condition that the company would keep the name of its respected founder. Schoppe Company, Inc. is still owned and operated by the Bunting family. Ed ran the company for many years mentoring his son Steve to head the company into the early 2000’s. At that point Chad, Steve’s son, took over and is very proud to continue the legacy that his grandfather and father established.Schoppe Company 4

Year after year, the Company credits their success to the “The Schoppe Advantage” which is based on providing a truly positive experience leading to outstanding customer service. Mr. Bunting has stated, “Our overwhelming 100 years of success has been based on client satisfaction and standing ready to meet the challenge of each project by always providing the best possible system at the fairest possible price.” There is nothing like keeping good company and Schoppe has continued to do so for many decades. The company pride themselves on maintaining ongoing long term customer relationships. More than ever, the family is dedicated to being the best rather than the largest in its market area.

With so much concern today about energy conservation and high costs in general, Schoppe places significant emphasis on saving time, money and resources.  To help do their part, they use and keep up with the ever-advancing and innovative technology in designing, installing and maintaining heating, air conditioning, ventilating, and other air control systems. They have a modern, energy-conscious, environmentally-minded society. Economy and efficiency are vital considerations in the Schoppe Company 6design of every air control system. Schoppe has the complete capability to design, fabricate, and install the largest and most complex, state-of-the-art air control systems enabling them to serve the needs of their clientele.

Schoppe Company stresses four important service areas; Design, Fabrication, Installation, and Technology. From the drawing board and computer of the designer, each project moves to the fabrication plant. Automatic cutting machines meticulously plot precise dimensions on heavy gauge sheet metal stock as specified by the designer. Under exacting quality controlled conditions, all components are accurately formed and assembled. The best designed and fabricated system is no better than its installation. Their skilled installation crews are as qualified and well-trained as any in the industry.  Schoppe Company utilizes cutting edge technology including: East Coast CAD/CAM, Autodesk & Revit MEP, Quote Express estimating and Computerease Management software.

Schoppe is so much more of an enterprise than the progressive German immigrant ever imagined possible when he started the company more than 100 years ago. There is no doubt that the conscientious founder, for whom the company is still named, would still be proud to have his name associated with it today.

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Schoppe Company, Inc.

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