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Mountain States Fence

              Owner: Rick D. Higgins

Proven reliability for over 50 years.

Dennis Higgins, H. Dean Rowley and Shelby Taylor, were all associated with the Realock Division of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation, Intermountain Area Office, in Salt Lake City. Mr. Higgins was the General Manager of this division, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Rowley worked as subcontractors under his guidance.  When Colorado Fuel and Iron decided to close the installation part of the Realock Division, these three men seized the opportunity to “buy” that part of the company and became the founders of Mountain States Fence.

Since the company’s inception in 1963, it has been critical to the company’s success to first act as a business and then as a fence company.  The company has always prided itself on its attention to professionalism and exceptional customer service and continue to stay focused on providing a positive experience to their customers. Mountain States Fence Plaque

Mountain States Fence performs commercial and industrial fence installations throughout the entire Intermountain Area and has successfully completed projects as far away as Glamis and Redding, California, the Washington-Canadian Border and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

The Company’s culture reflects a remarkable safety record that is exemplary in its industry. This has enabled them to successfully compete for and complete projects in some very competitive and demanding environments often with extremely challenging circumstances.

Their typical fence projects provide safety along our highways, canals, parks and zoos.  They have also completed fencing projects to protect both industrial facilities and prisons.

Mountain States Fence have been members of the Utah Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors since 1982 and the Associated General Contractors since 1963.  They have always understood the importance of “giving back” to their community and industry.  Due to their belief in this philosophy, Mountain States Fence is an active member of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and South Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. Each year they generously donate fencing, gates and portable dog runs to various groups within the Intermountain Area.


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