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InterNet Properties, Inc.

Owners: Nico Priskos and Christian Priskos

Keeping Salt Lake vibrant!

InterNet Properties 1Since 1994, InterNet Properties, Inc. has been a commercial brokerage and real estate firm in Salt Lake City. Founded by the late Vasilios Priskos, the corporation strives for integrity, commitment and flexibility in helping their clients with a variety of commercial real estate services. Vasilios, who passed away in 2017, is considered by Salt Lake City’s Downtown Alliance to be one of the “25 People Who Helped Build Downtown”. Today, Priskos’ sons, Nico and Christian Priskos, are the current owners of InterNet Properties, Inc. and also serve as agents for the company.

Vasilios Priskos believed that investing in downtown was about more than just the logistics of buildings or making a profit. Instead, Priskos saw downtown Salt Lake City as a part of his family legacy and was personally committed to ensuring the city’s success.  Today, Priskos’ sons operate InterNet Properties, Inc. with their father’s legacy of shaping downtown in mind, continuing to make Salt Lake a great place to own a business.InterNet Properties 3

InterNet Properties, Inc. attributes their success to long-term relationships as well as their honesty and consistency in delivering results to their clients. The company provides services including market analysis, site analysis and project marketing for commercial clients spanning across the office, industrial and retail sectors. InterNet Properties focuses on customized real estate solutions tailored to each client’s needs and placing companies in locations around Salt Lake City while keeping the growth of the economy in mind.

As one of the more recognizable names in real estate around Salt Lake, InterNet Properties, Inc. strives to keep the city a “vibrant and fun” place.

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InterNet Properites, Inc.

(801) 355-0600

51 East 400 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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