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Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc.

Owner: Eric C. Baughman, CEO

In business for 42 years!

Cytozyme was founded in 1975 by Steve Baughman with the firm belief that only advanced science and unwavering commitment to ethics and stewardship can feed a growing planet. He saw an opportunity to develop a new series of products based on clean biotechnology and were designed to enhance the yield and quality of crops and animal health. Steve started his entrepreneurship by driving through the farms of Idaho selling only five Cytozyme products from the trunk of his car. It didn’t take him long to grow the business internationally.

Cytozyme Labs 3Through rigorous field testing with many international universities, governments and research groups the results were impressive and the business began to grow. By 1985, the company expanded their facility to include a state-of-the-art research and quality control laboratory to accelerate in-house research and product development. It wasn’t long before Cytozyme’s products were being tested in more than 30 countries and were selling in over 15 countries.

In 1995, Steve’s son, Eric Baughman, joined the company as a production and operations employee, where he gained valuable knowledge of Cytozyme’s core manufacturing and quality assurance processes. He quickly advanced to sales and immediately noticed the company had a limited product portfolio and an underdeveloped sales strategy. Eric managed the launch and introduction of a new foliar nutrient product line to correct deficiencies and maintain balanced nutrient levels in crops. New animal and aquacultureCytozyme Labs 6 products were also added to the product portfolio. Eric expanded the company’s global business and in 2002, the manufacturing plant capacity was increased to accommodate growing sales. Eric’s focus on Research & Development led to further expansion in 2007 and acquired cutting-edge instrumentation to greatly extend the company’s ability to analyze and report on nutrient uptake, translocation and retention. Eric succeeded his father as CEO in 2009 while Steve remained on as President.

By 2012, Cytozyme was at full operational capacity, requiring three production shifts, seven days a week to accommodate sales and to meet their customers’ needs. In 2013, they relocated to a facility at 2700 South 600 West in Salt Lake City that quadrupled their manufacturing and production capacity and expanded research to include a state-of-the-art molecular biology lab.

Sadly, in February 2016, Cytozyme’s President and Founder, Steve Baughman passed away leaving a legacy of major scientific contribution and real results of feeding the world responsibly. Eric continues this legacy with new levels of scientific breakthroughs and with an undeterred commitment to the highest quality of service for their customers’ needs, values and beliefs.  Today, Cytozyme has over 100 different products that sell in over 30 countries. They have a team of dedicated, enthusiastic specialists at their headquarters in South Salt Lake and a global team of in-country business managers.

Cytozyme Labs 4Steve’s vision was that every man, woman and child is entitled to the highest standards of living the environment has to offer. His goal was to create effective products that can improve plant productivity and overcome the prevailing trends of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. From day one, the Cytozyme team has dedicated research efforts to make this vision a reality. More than 40 years later, Eric Baughman and the Cytozyme team carry this vision forward with a firm belief that technology is the agricultural tool of tomorrow – the undisputed answer in providing increased food production and nutritional health for a growing population in the most sustainable manner possible.

Cytozyme’s success stems from dedication and perseverance. For over 40 years, they have pioneered innovative technologies to address diverse market demands and changing climate conditions by listening to the growers and their specific challenges. With this collaborative spirit, Cytozyme’s sustainable products absolutely prove to be an integral and beneficial part of modern agriculture and answer the challenges of our hungry planet while keeping its environment safe and healthy. Cytozyme is technology that growers trust.

Truly sustainable agricultural production protects and improves consumer lives, the natural environment, benefits society and supports the profitability of the grower. With Cytozyme, sustainability is not a slogan, but a philosophy they adhere to for the good of the community and planet.

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