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Bryce Canyon Dental Studio

Owner: Gary Grosclaude, CDT, AACD, LVI Master Tech

Dentistry that changes patients’ lives!

Bryce Canyon Dental 1Gary Grosclaude started Bryce Canyon Dental Studio back in 2006 with the intention of developing and selling dental products to new and existing dentists, with an emphasis on artistic and cosmetic reconstructive dentistry. Bryce Canyon Dental Studio, Inc. is equipped to help experienced dentists who want to partner with laboratories that can help them maintain the highest level of patient satisfaction. They also strive to become a resource for younger dentists who aspire to develop and fine tune the needed skills to provide cosmetic dental restoration in their growing dental practices. Bryce Canyon Dental Studio credits their success, with over 12 years in business, to their dedication in building and maintaining long term relationships withBryce Canyon Dental 2 their clients.

On a personal level, Grosclaude cites his detail-oriented nature to his success as a business owner. The studio’s goal is to provide excellent, personalized service to their clients as well as perfection and precision in their products, “Offering one on one attention to [our] clients is instrumental in our success. Our quality and perfectionism separates us from our competition,” says Grosclaude. Bryce Canyon Dental Studio delivers on the quality of their products and the individually tailored service for their clients, which in turn helps cosmetic dentistry patients achieve the perfect smile—something Grosclaude believes can be life-changing.

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Bryce Canyon Dental Studio

(385) 900-8535

6360 South 3000 East Suite 300, Salt Lake City, UT 84121

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