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Boater's Outlet

Owners: Randy and Gary Freedman

Specializing in Boating Parts and Accessories since 1990.

In 1990, Randy and Gary Freedman realized the need for a local water sports business that would specialize in providing top quality boating parts and accessories. They decided to open Boater's Outlet as a way to serve everyone from the occasional boater to the daily adventurist. The brothers started the business in a small two story building and were pleasantly surprised that Utah boaters loved the store. They soon realized that they could only display about one third of the products they had to offer in this small area. They made it a priority to move to a larger space and in 2000 broke ground on a new 11,000 square foot facility. Their new location allows them to display three times more inventory and provides ample parking for both vehicles and trailers and is within miles of their original Murray location. Along with the physical store, customers can also shop online if they prefer.

Boaters Outlet 3First and foremost, the founders believe that any successful business starts and ends with excellent customer service and views their customers as family. The company always puts their customers’ needs first. They have hired a team of friendly and knowledgeable individuals who enjoy water sports just as much as their customers do. The Freedman’s philosophy is that just because something has always worked in the past doesn’t mean it will work well in the future and, that to be successful in business, you must adapt with the ever changing times.

Boater's Outlet carries products to fit the needs of boating families of every kind, both young and old from beginner to seasoned veterans including small aluminum boat fishermen, recreational skiers, and wake boarders.

They house extensive inventory of boating equipment, water sports products andBoaters Outlet 7 supplies. The majority of Boater's Outlet clientele are repeat customers who return because of this large inventory. They also return because Randy, Gary and their staff always take the time required to familiarize customers with the item they are seeking as well as educate them on the various choices and cost associated with each product. At times, they have even advised customers that certain items are not beneficial or necessary for their particular need.

The Freedman's stated, “Utah has some of the best boating in the nation,” and went on to say, “in most areas of the state you can commute to a lake in approximately 20 to 45 minutes.” Customers enjoy sharing boating stories with the Boater's Outlet staff. The most enduring story is that of families passing on a passion for boating within their families. As kids and grandkids learn to enjoy the sport and the time spent on the lake, it becomes a tradition that is not easily broken.

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