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AGEC - Applied GeoTech

Owner:  Jim Nordquist, P.E., G.E.

Applied Geotechnical Engineering Consultants, Inc. (AGEC – Applied GeoTech) was established by Jim Nordquist in 1990 to provide clients with full-service geotechnical and geologic engineering consultation, environmental site assessments and construction-materials observation, special inspection and testing services. They currently have offices in Sandy and St. AGEC 1George to serve their clients.

AGEC was established to fill the need within the community for a locally-owned firm serving local clientele. The company’s vision of what a quality engineering consulting company could and should be, along with every AGEC employee’s continual quest to deliver built-in quality throughout each project, has developed a prosperous, growing consulting organization. The company understands the needs of their clients and takes great pride in delivering professional consulting services, meeting and exceeding those needs.

AGEC is a privately owned corporation licensed to conduct business in the State of Utah and is the largest UtahAGEC 2-headquartered geotechnical engineering, special inspection, materials testing and environmental engineering organization.

After working on over 60,000 projects, AGEC has built an extensive knowledge base of geotechnical, geologic and environmental conditions throughout the State. This “database” of information, combined with their internal quality procedures, produce efficient and cost-effective engineering investigations from AGEC’s Technical Services Group. AGEC provides services for facility owners, developers, design professionals, insurance companies, contractors, lending institutions, industry institutions and AGEC 3government agencies. Clients who plan to own and operate their own facilities have appreciated the quality service that is provided by AGEC. In 2010, AGEC was awarded Best of State for Civil Engineering Services.

The services Applied GeoTech provide are essential to the safe performance of facilities that have been constructed and occupied by the public. The need for safety also applies to land masses that are on a steep slope. They frequently evaluate the stability of natural slopes, cut slopes and retained slopes. Recommendations are provided to improve the stability of the land masses that are currently marginally stable. These services allow our clients to evaluate the risks involved with what they are desirous of accomplishing and provides guidance and recommendations so that the capability of the natural soil and rock are not exceeded to where damage and potential loss of life could be experienced.

AGEC also provides guidance and recommendations to account for geologic hazards including rock fall, earthquake ground shaking, earthquake fault off-sets and displacement, liquefaction, debris flow, soil and bedrock heave and collapsible soil conditions.


AGEC - Applied GeoTech

600 West Sandy Parkway Sandy, Utah

(801) 566-6399

1420 South 270 East St. George, Utah

(435) 642-6255

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